I am a big believer in following your heart and trusting where it wants to take you, but sometimes that is easier said than done. When I began to realize that my heart was pointing me to a very big, exciting new path that also absolutely terrified me, I didn’t know what to do! But with time and lots and lots of prayer, I knew I had to chase this dream because it is truly the biggest, most important thing my heart has ever pushed me towards. And so…



Yes, you read that right! Between my not-so-subtle hints that I’ve been dropping over the past few months, and the love I unashamedly have for the Holy City, it might not come as too much of a surprise.

It is an extremely bittersweet decision and does not come without a lot of sacrifices, risks and so many difficult “see you later’s”, but my heart feels so full to be chasing this dream and to not let fear of the unknown hold me back. I’m so incredibly excited to be moving Haley Foster Photography to the Lowcountry, and can’t wait to see what the future holds! This past year has been full-to-the-brim with hoping, planning, and praying, and now, at the beginning of a new year, it’s finally time to do the thing that I’ve dreamed of for so long!

I’m sure you have questions, and I’m here to hopefully answer them ALL!

What about your weddings and sessions in Illinois?

As for the work that’s already on my calendar for 2020, absolutely nothing is changing! I’ve been sure to contact my Illinois brides and have ensured them that I will be here for their wedding days. But, starting today, I will only be accepting weddings and portrait sessions in the Charleston area. This was the absolute HARDEST part of this decision, but I need to be able to put my entire heart into growing my business in my new home for a while (If you want to chat more about working together in Charleston, you can contact me HERE!)

When will you officially be moving?

I’m hoping to be all settled in Charleston by the beginning of March! However, keep an eye on Instagram for plenty of updates coming your way soon!

I’ve used you in the past for my wedding or portraits, and hoped to hire you again in the future! What should I do?

If this is true for you, then first of all, I am going to miss you so much! I can’t thank you enough for supporting this passion of mine and trusting me with the most important moments in your lives. I am not currently accepting any future bookings in Illinois and Wisconsin, however, please keep an eye out for announcements of dates I will be back in town! I may open up select dates for portrait bookings, exclusively for returning friends of Haley Foster Photography. If you are in need of a photographer during a time that I’m not traveling back, please email me for a referral list of my most trusted photographer friends in the area!

Are you going alone?

I am so excited to say that I am not! I feel blessed beyond belief to have found my soulmateĀ  and soon-to-be-husband, who loves Charleston as much as I do! Drew and I have been talking about where we’d like to end up for YEARS, and all it took was one trip to Charleston at the end of 2018 to convince us both that we simply had to move there.

What exactly made the decision for you?

This is the toughest question to answer, simply because I have so many answers to give! It is a combination of so many things, and a few others that are hard to even describe (thanks again, heart!). When it comes to photography, I am SO excited to be living in a place that is a constant inspiration to me creatively; I look at the mossy oak trees (my favorite) and can’t help but envision a wedding couple posed underneath them, and when I explore my favorite streets of downtown Charleston, I am surrounded by so many pops of color and so much history that it’s nearly impossible to choose only a few spots for photos. In truth, I look forward to being in a place that constantly pushes me to explore and stretch my creativity!

When I think of the things I want in a home, Charleston simply has them all. I love that there is so much to do, from so many fun restaurants and little shops, to nearby parks and beaches and historic downtown districts all ready to explore. I love the weather and am beyond-ready to leave my heavy winter coat behind, and am so excited about all of the opportunities that Charleston has to offer!

What else will this change about your business?

Aside from where I’m located, absolutely nothing! I will still be booking weddings and engagement sessions, senior sessions and family portraits, just in the Charleston area from now on!

What do the next few months look like for you?

Believe it or not, somehow I thought it would be the best idea to move across the country, find a place to live, and get married all in the first five months of the year! Although if you know me at all, that probably doesn’t sound too unlike something I’d do, and I’ve never stepped down from a challenge! This is certainly the year of adventures and big changes!

For Haley Foster Photography, the next few months will be full of fun, southern-inspired styled shoots that I’m so excited to share with you, and plenty of portrait sessions and weddings in some of my favorite locations around Charleston. It’s also going to be the beginning of what will hopefully be many coffee dates with new wedding industry friends, and I hope to spend my downtime exploring and location scouting for future sessions! And because I want you ALL to get the travel bug as badly as I have, I’ll be sharing more and more of my Charleston travel recommendations with you, so you can come and fall in love with this city too!

If you’ve still got questions about the big move, don’t hesitate to reach out and I would love to chat with you! As this post goes live, I have just about one month left in Illinois before Drew and I will be packing up and heading off on a very exciting new chapter of our lives, and I cannot wait! If you’ve made it this far with me, thank you SO much for all of your love and support, and I encourage you to stick around to see all of the exciting things to come! Cheers!


The Secret is Out…

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