The historic streets of downtown Charleston are beloved for their ability to transport visitors to a more whimsical place, for their deep-rooted history, and for the meticulously preserved architecture, gardens and window boxes that add a dose of charm to every block. It’s a place with year-round beauty, but no time of year is quite as truly magical as jasmine season in the south.

It’s not hard to imagine the appeal: the soft echoes of horse hooves and carriage wheels, church bells tolling on the hour, and the sweet scent of jasmine on the breeze everywhere you go. These dainty white blooms appear in the early months of spring (typically in early-to-mid April) to transform already-gorgeous greenery to billowy garlands of delicate blooms; they arch over doorways, along staircases, and waterfall along walls everywhere you look!

When planning your trip to Charleston, any local would tell you that spring, fall and winter are the best times to visit, with more comfortable temperatures and less summer vacation crowds. For peak jasmine blooms, the weeks between late March and early April are the perfect time to wander the city, take in the fragrance, and snap all of the photos – all while enjoying Charleston’s beautiful spring season.

My best advice to anyone hoping to experience the magic of historic Charleston is truly to allow yourself to get lost and wander your way along, but there are a few spots that will always greet you with abundant jasmine and tons of charm that are a must-add to your walking agenda.

Church Street

If you were to draw a line along Broad Street in downtown Charleston, everywhere south of that line closest to the water promises historic charm and beautiful garden sights; Church Street in Charleston has a very old-southern feel, with towering oak trees that line the street and charming homes in neutral hues. It is the home to many of the most charming alleyways in the Holy City as well. The greenery on this street often steals the show, with plenty of jasmine-lined alleyways and gorgeously-manicured gardens; be sure to stop by 57 Church Street for a dazzling archway of jasmine and vibrant pink blooms – they’re worthy of a painting!

Stolls Alley

Tucked away between Church Street and East Bay Street, Stolls Alley will transport you back in time with its bricked walkways and charming little homes. About halfway down your walk, the path narrows to a jasmine-lined tunnel, marked with a lantern at its start. Stolls Alley truly feels like a secret place tucked away amongst the historic homes, and is a must-see during your wander around Charleston.

Tradd Street

Tradd is beloved for its candy-colored homes in every hue, beautiful window box displays, and springtime billowing jasmine arching over doorways and from behind garden walls. I recommend beginning your walk at 0 Tradd Street (or even Rainbow Row along East Bay Street) and then wandering your way along Tradd. You’ll eventually run into Church Street, too!

Jasmine season in Charleston

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